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Have owned the phone for 3 weeks now, so I think I can provide a decent review on it. :) To put it all briefly (somewhat)...

- Battery life is quite pathetic. I need to carry my charger to work with me and charge my phone at my desk; else it dies on me by early afternoon.
- The chrome around the screen and keypad scratches extremely easily, no matter how careful you are with it. As a result, the phone tends to look older faster.
- In terms of structure and tactile quotient, very sleek, not at all cheap-looking as per some reviews.
- Display is brilliant and clear, even under direct sunlight.
- Music player is good, and it even offers some funky player themes to customize your view.
- The external music control keys are a boon! Besides controlling the music player and radio, have figured it can also be used to snooze the alarm. Haven't figured out any other uses for it yet.
- If you turn on the Power Saver mode, the external display (on date-time screensaver) doesn't display notifications of messages or missed calls. Quite an issue for a clamshell, but is resolved if you simply turn off the Power Saver mode.
- Camera quality is a bit of a let-down. Pictures have a lot of noise. Videos are also not very clear, especially if you move the camera between two scenes. It results in a lot of pixilation. The sound on videos is also rather low.
- FM reception is decent, haven't had any issues on that front. Though that probably also depends on the actual signal strength at your position.
- The character count on the SMS function works downwards from 1000 characters, as opposed to the 160 character message-length limit that most service providers accept. This makes it a bit difficult to track when you've exceeded the message limit.
- Construction is great, the flip mechanism is solid. No creaks or loose parts... yet, anyway!
- Keypad is comfortable. The centre column of numeric (2, 5, 8 and 0) is a little broader than the other 2 columns, which takes a little getting used to, but in no way is a bother.
- Speakers are brilliant! The sound is clear and loud. Even on a volume level of 2, the loudspeaker provides clear enough sound for me to play in my room and be heard in the next room.

On the whole, I'm very happy with the phone. There are slight cons as I have mentioned, but I don't think any of them (besides the battery life) are really major issues.

Hope the above is of some help. Cheers. :)

12/25/2007 @ 3:58 Matin


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Style: 7.3
Technology: 7.9
Efficiency: 7.1

Voix totales: 12400 | Coups: 119892

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