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Why pay more, when you can have the highest grade of SMS text messaging system at discount rates.

Each SMS costs $ 0.09 flat rate to anywhere around the world. Once your mobile number is verified you can start sending SMS.

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Our Call Back Service has been built for business and personal use. We offer $ 0.5 Free Credit to use when you sign up.

Try our Call Rate Calculator below to see our rates:

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Phones.com offre également aux utilisateurs enregistrés des services de la meilleure qualité tels que des alertes de nouvelles de SMS sur vos sujets choisis. Plus de services sont ajoutés tout temps alors continuez par vérifier.

Phones.com veut à fournir des solutions rentables et focalisées pour utilisateur à travers une gamme de plateformes de communications.

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Y a-t-il un contrat ?

There is no contract, sign up for free, and buy credit when you want.

Will you send advertisements to my phone?

Nous n'enverrons rien à votre téléphone à moins que vous le demandiez

De quel numéro le SMS a été envoyé?

When you sign up with us, we ask you to verify your phone, by sending a free verification code to your phone, once confirmed, you can send sms that will come from that number.

J'ai quelques questions non énumérées ici, que je faire ?

Please visit our Contacts page, you may use our live help service to speak to one of our representatives if one is available, otherwise there are contact telephone numbers and email address.

How Does Callback work?

You type in the number of where you want your call to initiate from, (My phone number:) then you type the number you want to call (Number you are calling:) then click call, and you will pay competitive call card rates without dialing out from your phone. Register and Try it for free.